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Special moments such as a job application or a wedding make you want to look even better than your very best. A perfect match between the right clothes, accessories, shoes and make-up form the perfect outfit. I am happy to help you meet this challenge, in the boutique or at your home. Together we create a unique style that suits your personality and the occasion in question. We look for the right accessories, the right make-up and possibly additional items to complete the final look. Don't worry if you don't have many accessories yourself. I have enough accessories and extra items to achieve the perfect styling.


Price: € 99 for 1,5 hourDaytime: Monday&TuesdayEvening : Monday til Sunday

Colour Advice

Wearing the right colors is an important part of your entire look and appearance. Colors that suit you best, they make you happy and let you shine. That is why the right colors are the basis of a unique style. Everyone's color palette is unique. I can discover your own color palette by analyzing your skin color, hair color and eye color. The combination of these three components results in a unique color type. After this session you will know which colors best suit your appearance in terms of clothing and make-up. Imagine never having to doubt whether a certain color suits you! I give color advice in the boutique. The session can be done individually or in a group.


Price: € 59* for a session of 1 hour. With 2 persons: € 49* p.p.*Price is including a make up session, but excluding a personal colour fan with 34 colours (€ 69 extra)Daytime: Monday & TuesdayEvening: Monday till Sunday (only from April until October)

Closet Make-Over

A closet full of clothes and still struggling every day to find the combination that perfectly expresses your personality? How is that possible? A closet make-over offers the solution to this common problem! We tackle your wardrobe together. After an intensive fitting and clearance session, we make a list of certain combinations of different items. We also look at the items that are still missing in your wardrobe. This session results in a clean, organized and fresh wardrobe and some extra space for the right basic items to complete your wardrobe. In addition, you will gain new inspiration to make your own combinations based on what you already have. It saves you money and bad buys ...


Price: € 119 for a session of 2 hoursDaytime: Monday & TuesdayEvening: Monday until SundayI also take all your old items with me!