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The boutique is located in the vibrant district of Wyck in Maastricht. We would like to invite you to discover the unique style of the French, Italian and English Riviera. Where elegance and exclusivity are the main features of life on the Riviera. Add a touch of nostalgia and you are at 'Riviera Retro'. We offer a unique style that allows a woman to express her femininity, originality and freedom. Regardless of her age and unique body shape.

Inspiration for the collection is the typical elegant Cote d'Azur flair combined with styles from different decades; The opulent Gatsby style, the classic understated 40's English style, the colorful bohemian look or the extravagant 80's style. These styles have all been incorporated into contemporary designs from brands exclusive to Maastricht and far beyond.

With the opening of Riviera Retro, owner Evelyne Kleikers continues a family tradition that originated in 1905. Her knowledge of fashion, styling and a worldwide network of designers and brands guarantee unique collections. That makes a visit to Riviera Retro in the Rechtstraat a true "voyage"!