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Christmas Window Shopping with a light….

Maastricht is like a fairytale in this month. This year, however, everything is different. We see things in a new light. But: light always shines in Maastricht. Even in these darker times, where the cold seems closer than the warmth. That is why Maastricht is there for you. Here, the light is always on, especially in the Rechtstraat! Did you know that real Window Shopping is possible in the Rechtstraat? So, shopping from the outside without going in! Safe shopping at a time that suits you while supporting the local shop owners! How does it work? You scan a QR code in the participating shop windows (recognizable by a large red giftsticker on the window). You will then receive an SMS message in which you can enter the desired article numbers. The numbers are attached to the items in the participating shop windows. If you then click on send, your order will be received by us. You will then receive an SMS with the confirmation of your order and the information when your item will be nicely packed and delivered to you. So you can still get out to admire the beautifully decorated shop windows and the streets. Because the Maastricht light route is now sparkling more than ever…