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Today we are celebrating…because from tomorrow onward, the days will lengthen again … Slowly, light will come into the darkness again, in all senses!

The period around December 21 is therefore an important turning point in the year. Also called the solstice. In many cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, they have celebrated this turning point for centuries. There are various Midwinter parties, Light parties or Jul parties.

In Sweden they celebrate Saint Lucia (Sankta Lucia) on December 13 (a little earlier) and is symbolic for the victory of light over darkness. In Sweden, girls in white dresses with a red sash and candles on their heads wake up the family and the elderly. They bring food and special Lucia songs are sung. Each village also chooses its own “Lucia” every year.

But we don’t even have to go that far, because a ‘Light Queen” (Lichtkoningin) is also chosen every year in the beautiful village of Beek in Limburg. The “Lichtkoningin” visits people from Beek who are struggling, often elderly people who are lonely. In this way she also brings some light to the people!

But… of course you don’t have to be a “Lichtkoningin” or Saint Lucia to shine. You do that from within yourself and with a little help from a beautiful radiant outfit!

That is why  today I choose a mood board with a colorful outfit with which you can shine on this shortest day of the year! A nice combination of orange with grey and white. Orange is an accent colour in your outfit and represents warmth, enthusiasm, energy, movement and playfulness. Just what we need today! With a grey or white cardigan you keep the outfit calm and soft, so that the accent really is on your orange items. The style is “city-chic” with a touch of nostalgia… typical Riviera Retro!

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Have a bright day!