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Here we go again….Tomorrow is Blue Monday…The third Monday of January is every year such a phenomenon. But why this particular day in January was given that stamp is debatable…

Some scientists have calculated that a number of elements come together on this day. One element is caused by the gray and cold weather, another is due to financial parameters such as debt and salary and yet another element of this depressing day is because our good intentions are already slowly fading away and Christmas has already been forgotten and summer is still nowhere near in sight… Add the lockdown to that and we have a Dark Blue Monday…

But…we are not so easily put off, right? We do not participate in the self fulfilling prophecy! There are several remedies! A nice winter walk, a home made cake, a colourful bunch of tulips or a delicious glass of wine (for those who don’t do Dry January)…And how about shopping for a new outfit? That is always a good idea! And especially now that you can buy beautiful pieces with discounts! In this way we also beat the financial element of the Blue Monday calculation!

Maybe you go for a colourful outfit to face the gray Blue Monday or you stick to the theme and you go all in blue! Because blue is often associated with confidence, intelligence, belief and self-confidence. Blue also stands for space and freedom, because it reminds us of the sky and the sea. In short, all aspects that come in very handy and with which we can beat the Blue Monday!

I am going for the latter one, so I have created a Blue Monday Moodboard for you with a number of items from my boutique. Do you want to see more? Then take a look in the webshop!

Because…One of the Secrets of a Happy Life is Continuous Small Treats!