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In the dark days before Christmas, we are looking for light and color! Beautifully decorated shop windows and colorful Christmas trees are everywhere! These days are food for my soul as a colour adviser. It gives me joy and stimulates creative thinking!

I am not the only one who is touched by colours. They affect us all and more than we think. We are often not aware of it and so the advertising industry benefits. Full libraries have been written about colour psychology, also by Goethe.

From all these studies, we know for example, that yellow is the first color that hits our retina. Ideally suited for warning lights, but it also stands for friendliness and creativity.

Don’t want to be forgotten? Wear yellow! Yellow also has a special meaning in various religions. In the Catholic Church it is the colour of the Pope and of new life, in the Far East it is a divine colour.

Red is also such a strong colour and radiates decisiveness, courage, energy and passion, but also represents danger, because of its association with fire.

Do you want to reinforce your message or presentation? Wear red! Just look at the numerous red ties on politicians or CEOs.

As a counterpart there is blue; the cool, calm and balanced color in the palette. It radiates confidence and safety, so it is ideal for uniforms. But blue also stands for openness and freedom, because of its association with the sea and the sky.

These are just a few examples of the three primary colours… there is so much more to write and tell about this topic!

Of course, colour also plays a major role in art. For many years scientists, art lovers and painters have been trying to recreate the same colours as Rembrandt. He could mix hundreds of colours with just 12 pigments. So far it has not been possible (yet) to reproduce his carmine red, but there are a few artist who work hard to follow in Rembrandt’s footsteps in “Project Rembrandt”, a beautiful TV program on NPO.

If you want to know more about what colours do to you and your appearance, I can do a personal color analysis with you. Visit for more information or send me a message via [email protected]

“Life is like a rainbow! You just need sun and rain to make the colors visible. ”

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