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I am also thinking about how to participate in the 1.5 meter society with Riviera Retro. My shop is not very large and naturally it does not fit more than 5 people, but I still dream of a “shopkeeper life after Corona”.

The massive scouring of shops on Saturdays and Sundays in Maastricht become difficult with the 1.5 meter society. Fortunately, because who really wants this?

I often think back at the time when my parents had a menswear store in Geleen. Often customers called in advance and asked if they could come on a Saturday evening or on Sunday morning or on Wednesday evening. While enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, enough time was taken to put together a beautiful outfit. One-on-one attention, without running from customer A to customer B: Private shopping avant la lettre!

Private Shopping has made its comeback! Finally… especially for me as a nostalgic soul, that was my motivation when I opened my own business a year ago; Attention for customer, giving advice and taking time with a glass or cup of coffee and something tasty.

How efficient for both the customer and the retailer! No more hours waiting for customers, but targeted hours open and on the other hand no more hours of shopping in the city between crowds and full shelves.

The attention for the shop window is also nostalgic. In the past, a window dresser came to my parents’ shop once a month who was busy all day making the most beautiful window display possible. What a wonderful job! In the evening or on a Sunday morning, the customers walked around the city and saw what was for sale in the store.

Also the real window dressing made its comeback! Beautifully decorated shop windows, teddy bear hunting, window competitions, you name it. How nice it is to take a city walk and see the beautiful shop windows between the beautiful buildings.

And to add even more power to that “shop window nostalgia”, I also created a digital shop window by means of a webshop. Watch online at home what else there is! Then you make your private shopping appointment, because you want to feel and try on that item before you possibly make a final purchase. Maybe you go out with something completely different than you initially had in mind!

That is the surprise of Private Shopping. Surrender to the tailor-made advice and then go home or to your 1.5 meter terrace. What a relaxed and nostalgic life that will be!