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It is not only the title of a nice book by Cécile Narinx, but I experience it every day in my boutique Riviera Retro in Maastricht. Feeling happiness with a beautiful dress or outfit. What is it? Not so much the purchase itself, or the “shopping happiness” in general. It is mainly the feeling that a woman gets when she sees herself in the mirror in that amazing dress.
In recent months, especially through private shopping, I had a lot of time for my customer. I’ve seen some women really change, with that one outfit that they never thought it would look beautiful on her … because we have quite a few (wrong) beliefs when it comes to our body; I am too old for this, I cannot wear it since my pregnancy or menopause, I am too little for this, I am too fat or too thin for this. A range of criticisms pass by, but then … with a little persuasion from my side and the goodwill of my customer, she tries on that one dress and look what is happening!
Reluctantly she comes out of the fitting room and stands in front of the large mirror and then slowly I see a timid smile! “Oh, I would never thought it would suit me”! That sentence makes me so happy! Not because I am “right” in the end, but mainly because she is wrong about her beliefs.
I see a beautiful woman who shines in her outfit. Add a little lipstick or blusher, maybe put on a heel and voilà! A woman needs nothing more. Certainly not those negative beliefs. Each figure type has several positive sides and you can emphasize them with the right model of dress or skirt or pants.
I would love to help you find your perfect outfit and I hope that I can contribute a little bit to your happiness, because that is ultimately my happiness and the reason why I opened my boutique!